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Residential Services 

We take our clean water for granted. But contaminants can get into our water supply through a cross connection – a link between your household water supply and a source of contaminants.


We book you in for arrival in a 2 hour time window.  It takes 20 minutes to test the device. We file the paper work to the City of Calgary once the test has been paid for. 


We need unrestricted access to the device.  Please have all items stored around the device moved away and give us lots of room to work.  We do spill a bit of water around the device.   The backflow device is usually found in the mechanical room or near to where the water meter is located.  We use a Watts TK-99E Backflow Preventer Test Kit.  Again, we do spill a few drops on the floor while we perform the test. 

Paper Work:

We submit the paper work to the City of Calgary or your respective municipality generally within 2 business days.  The City of Calgary does tend to have a back log of paper work and their automated system may send you another past due notice. 


A Calgary house with a backflow device
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