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Condo unit requiring cross connection control testing

Property Managers

We work with property managers and condo boards on a regular bases.




We provide you with a date, typically one to two weeks out, allowing time to notify tenants. For sites with 3 or less addresses, we provide a 1 hour time window for each property address.  For larger sites, we provide a time window of morning 9 am - 1 pm or afternoon from 2 pm - 6 pm. Due to issues that may arise during the day we can not give a specific time.  We can typically schedule between 11 and 13 devices / addresses at one complex per day.



It takes us approximately 20 minutes to test each device and do the required paper work. If we are testing backflow devices on the fire suppression system, we notifty the City of Calgary Fire Department or the respected munipality fire department.  We require that you notify your alarm company and let them know a "backflow device" is being tested.



It takes us 15-30 minutes to clean a device or to change the check valves.  On larger complexes we may reschedule the repairs if they will take longer than 40 minutes.  We need to finish the other appointments on site.  We need to have all the devices back working within 72 hours or notify the City of Calgary or the respected munipality to request a work extension.  This is the city by-law.



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