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Calgary Backflow


Cross Connection Control Testing / Backflow Prevention services in the City of Calgary


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Our Services

/ Cross Connection Testing Services

/ Repair of Cross Connection Devices


/ Backflow Device Installation

/ Double Check Valve Assembly Testing

/ Cross Connection Control Specialist

/ Back Flow Preventers

/ Backflow Solutions

/ Backflow Testing

/ Repair of Backflow Preventors

We provide backflow services for:


/ Residential 

/ Commercial Properties

/ Property Managers

/ Contractors


Business Hours: 8am - 5pm Monday to Friday


Backflow Device Testing for Calgary:


2020/2021 Price: 

One device per site: $110.00

Two or more devices per site: $85.00 per device.




Calgary Backflow Repairs:

We stock a large number of repair kits (parts) on our trucks, however occasionally we may be required to pick up parts from a supplier. The travel time will be charged out at our repair rates. We stock approximately 30 different repair kits for the most popular cross connection devices in Calgary.


Parts are invoiced at our wholesalers list price.


What equipment do we use to do the cross connection control testing? We use a Watts Model TK-99E Backflow Preventer Test Kit.  We use it for testing all reduced pressure zone backflow prevention assemblies and double check valve assemblies. 


We are Certified Cross Connection Control device testers in Calgary.  We are registered with the City of Calgary.  

Call us: 403-984-FLOW (3569)

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